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Commercial Due Diligence

Our hypothesis-driven approach to due diligence provides our clients with a deep understanding of industry structure, market sizing, and competitive dynamics to evaluate both investment themes and specific propositions. We then convert those insights into strategic options across regional and company-specific dimensions.

Restructuring and Turnarounds

Our methodology starts by identifying a clear agenda from the front line to the back office; building of lean and resilient processes, systems, operations, and organization structures; and ensuring resources flow to “good costs” and away from “bad.” The result is an adaptable, high-performance culture positioned on an accelerated path to sustained growth.

Exit Strategy

We help companies plan for and maximize shareholder value on exit and pave the way for a smooth ownership transition, whether it be to a public, financial, or strategic buyer. We also help companies carefully investigate alternatives to outright exit, such as partial sales and joint ventures, licensing deals, co-development, and co-marketing alternatives.

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